ICMA amobilife Final Event in Genk, 2012


After three years of transnational cooperation the ICMA amobilife partnership have met for its Final Event on 14th March 2012 in Genk, Belgium. ICMA partners took the opportunity to synthesize project results, to show how the ICMA amobilife solutions have contributed to pursuing perfect journeys and how these  solutions can be adapted to other North West European cities.  The Final Event attracted over 60 participants, including transport and mobility operators and providers, mobility managers, intelligent transport experts, decision makers in the field of public transport and local mobility and other transport stakeholders.

ICMA Presentations:

Stuart Murray, TfGM, Competence for Bridging Mobility Gaps (GB)

Prof. John Nelson, UNIABDN, UNIABDN Benchmarking (GB)

Andrea de Meuron, Rundum mobil, Transnational Project "Train the Trainer" (CH)

Simon Hubacher, neubighubacher, Person Centered, Smart & Flexible (D)

 ICMA Exhibition:

ICMA amobilife Traveling Exhibition 2012

ICMA Perfect Journeys Scenarios:

Pursuing Perfect Journeys - 9 Scenarios for Seamless Door-to-Door Mobility

 ICMA Final Event Impressions:

ICMA amobilife Final Event Impressions 2012

ICMA@ INTERREG IVB NWE Annual Event 2010

The Manchester Metroshuttle is one of numerous best practices presented during the ICMA sitevisit

ICMA| amobilife hosted a sitevisit at this years Interreg IVB NWE Annual Event in Manchester, 6 -7th December 2010. The sitevisit included an ICMA fair providing insights in ICMA best practices in Greater Manchester and a presentation held by Stuart Murray (TfGM, Lead Partner ICMA) and Simon Hubacher (neubighubacher, Communication Support ICMA) on how ICMA| amobilife activities contribute to European innovation capacity.

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The thematic workshop and conference on closing mobility gaps, hosted by the local public traffic organisation NiO in Offenbach, was focused on the mobility needs and capacities of senior citizens. The first day of the event was dedicated to a peer review of partner activities and experiences, how they contribute to better connections and mobility access for seniors and handicapped people.

On Tuesday 21st September, the local public traffic organisation NiO with the support of the mayor of Offenbach Birgit Simon hosted the second European Senior Citizen Conference: Best Agers Staying Mobile Nearly 200 participants informed themselves about local and regional mobility offers for seniors as well about European best practice implemented by partners ICMA| Amobilife project. 

During the conference, seniors had the opportunity to participate in a mobility training course directed by volunteers trained within the transnational "Train-the-Trainer" programme, implemented by the NiO Offenbach.

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